We are finally back after a way to long break from blogging.

The last few months honestly weren’t easy for us. We were in the middle of work, studies and some difficulties in our private lives. Lots of things have changed, but hopefully for the better.

We are looking forward to new adventures and hope that our readers will keep us company.

Let’s begin, again!

After not seeing each other for a few weeks, we decided to reunite in Hamburg and spend some quality time together. It really quickly became one of our favourite trips to Hamburg. As many of you may not know, our first months together were in between of two cities – Gdansk and Hamburg. Maybe that’s why those cities will remain so special to us.

Going back to the present. Little did we know where we will end up this evening. The only thing we knew is that this Airbnb has no hot running water and the sanitary facilities are located outside of the accomodation. We drove to the location indicated on the app and ended up in front of a rustic house, quite close to the airport. Two happy dogs rushed on us and the host welcomed us from the rustic houses window. We then followed a narrow path through some precisely grown bushes and ended up in front of a magical looking circus wagon.

It turned out be shocking at first, no wifi, no hot running water and a composting toilet. But the more time we spend inside, everything became natural to us.

After some glasses of wine we suddenly began to appreciate the interior of the circus wagon. The wood covered walls were filled with character and authenticity, and the small details made it feel complete. It wasn’t something we would replicate in our homes, but it was in many ways inspirational.

All in all we would totally recommend this accomodation to anyone looking for a cozy country getaway close to Hamburg. It’s hard to believe that a place like this one exists and next time, we would love to spend some more time enjoying it.


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