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Pullman City Harz

Pullman City Harz is a beautiful Wild West theme park in central Germany. We visited it as park of our trip to the Harz mountains at the end of September.

It was a warm September day when we drove through the Harz mountains and accidentally stumbled across Pullman City. Welcomed by a huge wooden sign above the road, we didn’t know what to expect at first. We parked our car and walked towards the main entrance. Suddenly some elder people dressed as citizens, cowboys and native people appeared out of nowhere. Certainly it felt like we’re time traveling and just popped up in some 1880s western city.

A truly western experience in central Germany

And it was exactly like that. After going past the entrance you arrive on the main street. The western vibe can be felt on every corner. Some country music is playing in one of the saloons and people act like in some good western movie. There’s countless of typical buildings from that time period like a sheriff’s office, a prison, a barber’s shop, a steakhouse and many different shops with handmade items.

Attractions for everyone

In addition to all the cultural experiences you can engage with, there’s tons of other attractions for every age group. As a result you should keep an eye on the event calendar as you might aim for some interesting workshops, concerts or US car meetings. 

Furthermore interested visitors can marvel at the many different aspects of American settlement history. The story of the white is being told the Old Western Museum, while numerous exhibits display an insight into Indian culture and history. Those who want to participate actively, can among other things, try gold panning under the guidance of the Klondike Goldwash camp.

Useful information


Am Rosentale 1, 38899 Hasselfelde

Opening hours:

  • March – October daily 10am to 6pm, Big Mosse Saloon and
  • Dance Hall until about 1am
  • In low season, you will find the opening times on the website of Pullman City Harz.
  • The shows take place in all weather conditions.


  • Adults from 17 years: 18 €
  • Children / adolescents (13-16 years): 15 €
  • Children (4-12 years): 12 €
  • Family ticket (2 adults, all children up to 14 years): 39 €
  • Fr. & Sa. Park entrance after 6 pm: 5 €
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Magical Circus Wagon in Hamburg

A magical circus wagon in the city centre of Hamburg. An experience not for everyone, but for us it was the perfect getaway from daily routines.

We are finally back after a way to long break from blogging.

The last few months honestly weren’t easy for us. We were in the middle of work, studies and some difficulties in our private lives. Lots of things have changed, but hopefully for the better.

We are looking forward to new adventures and hope that our readers will keep us company.

Let’s begin, again!

After not seeing each other for a few weeks, we decided to reunite in Hamburg and spend some quality time together. It really quickly became one of our favourite trips to Hamburg. As many of you may not know, our first months together were in between of two cities – Gdansk and Hamburg. Maybe that’s why those cities will remain so special to us.

Going back to the present. Little did we know where we will end up this evening. The only thing we knew is that this Airbnb has no hot running water and the sanitary facilities are located outside of the accomodation. We drove to the location indicated on the app and ended up in front of a rustic house, quite close to the airport. Two happy dogs rushed on us and the host welcomed us from the rustic houses window. We then followed a narrow path through some precisely grown bushes and ended up in front of a magical looking circus wagon.

It turned out be shocking at first, no wifi, no hot running water and a composting toilet. But the more time we spend inside, everything became natural to us.

After some glasses of wine we suddenly began to appreciate the interior of the circus wagon. The wood covered walls were filled with character and authenticity, and the small details made it feel complete. It wasn’t something we would replicate in our homes, but it was in many ways inspirational.

All in all we would totally recommend this accomodation to anyone looking for a cozy country getaway close to Hamburg. It’s hard to believe that a place like this one exists and next time, we would love to spend some more time enjoying it.


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