After our first blog post in the Tri-city coffee trilogy was quite successful we wanted to share with you the second one. This time it’s the speciality coffee shops located in the heart of the Polish modernism capital Gdynia. Each one of the coffee shop we picked is quite different and special is their own way. But most importantly their common trait is high quality coffee.

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Gdynia: Kofeina, Tłok, Black and White Coffee



Kofeina is an atmospheric coffee shop placed parallel to the Świętojańska Street with two very contrasting floors. The casual and industrial downstairs with high ceilings, small tables and window seats. The cozy and homely upstairs area with big tables, sofas and a chimney. It’s popular for their art exhibitions and themed meetups, like spanish lessons which are based on conversations. You can also rent the space for private events.

Antoniego Abrahama 41, 81-391 Gdynia

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Tłok is an easygoing coffee shop located just around the corner from the busy Świętojańska Street. The owners Klaudia and Michał curated a beautiful, bright and cozy interior with a lot of greenery. It’s a venue for many art exhibitions and movie screenings. So if you wish to escape the surrounding hussle and enjoy a great cup of coffee feel free to visit Tłok! Don’t forget to taste one of their famous cheesecakes!

Józefa Wybickiego 3, 81-391 Gdynia

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Black and White Coffee is a little coffee shop located between the Gdynia central station and the Świętojańska Street. Usually it’s quite busy, but it’s always worth grabbing a takeaway coffee if you can’t find a place to sit. In summer they offer a couple more seatings just in front of the coffee shop. Also worth mentioning is that the owner has participated in many national and international barista competitions. So you can be sure that they won’t disappoint you!

Władysława IV 28, 81-361 Gdynia

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