It was a hot late September day when decided to spend half a day in the Berlin Zoological Garden. This green oasis is a must-see for any nature lover and we would most certainly recommend it to every age group.

The oldest and best-known Zoo in Germany

The Berlin Zoological Garden is the oldest and also best-known Zoo in Germany. It opened its gates in 1844 and covers around 35 hectares of diverse areas. With about 1,380 different species and over 20,200 animals the zoo presents one of the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

The mesmerising jellyfish

The visit to the aquarium can be a stand-alone visit or a combined ticket for the zoo and aquarium. Each tank made our jaw drop and there are so many species of fish and other sea creatures there that you’ll be amazed.

It is also home to hundreds of impressive reptiles and insects which are located on two additional floors.

If you are doing the zoo then don’t forget to leave a good hour for here too.

Pandas, hippos and marmots

Due to the fact that it’s the most species-rich zoo world, it must have some famous inhabitants. Some of them are Ivo the gorilla, Ede the hippopotamus, and Molly the common seal. Since summer 2017, the inhabitants include Meng Meng and Jiao Qing – the only pandas in Germany.

Reintroducing endangered or extinct species

Zoos play a major part in efforts to protect animal species from extinction. Without the efforts of the world’s zoos, many species such as the Arabian oryx, the black-footed ferret, the red wolf, the ferruginous duck, the European bison and the Przewalski’s horse would probably no longer exist.

Big plans for the future 

The Berlin Zoological Garden is constantly changing for the visitors. In summer 2017, they opened the most up-to-date panda habitat of any zoo around the world. And there’s plenty more to come: Eagle Rock is currently being redesigned, and construction work on the Predator House began.

Useful information:

  • the zoo is open 365 days a year
  • opening times may vary depending on time of year (check here)
  • ticket prices (regular / with aquarium):
    • children 10 € / 10,50 €
    • adult 15,50 € / 21 €
    • concession 10,50 € / 15,50 €
  • official website: